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8 eCommerce Marketing Strategy For 2021 – Bricks Media Digital Marketing Agency

Ecommerce is one of the most competitive online industries; you will want to stand out. Most online stores want more traffic and conversions. That’s where eCommerce marketing comes in.

It’s not enough to have a user-friendly, attractive website. Promote your online store, convert website visitors into buyers and encourage repeat purchases. Bricks Media is a digital marketing agency in Thane that can help websites attract and retain customers using eCommerce SEO, PPC, email marketing, and other methods. We will elaborate on each strategy.
But first, let’s define eCommerce marketing.

What Is Ecommerce Marketing?
ECommerce marketing is a wide term that includes several actions. The finest eCommerce marketing campaigns cover all stages of the funnel, from awareness to purchase to retention.
You could be losing money if you don’t explore every possible strategy!

8 eCommerce Marketing Strategy For 2021 Are:

Listed below are today’s greatest eCommerce marketing strategies, ranging from tried-and-true methods to cutting-edge concepts.
Experiment with them to enhance traffic, sales, and client loyalty!

1. eCommerce SEO :
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term approach to increasing organic traffic to your eCommerce site.
For eCommerce sites, this encompasses technical SEO and content strategy optimization. On-site SEO methods, including mobile optimization, URL structure, keyword tags, internal linking, and site speed are all included here.
Quality content, together with technical SEO, drives organic eCommerce traffic. 

  • A regularly updated, SEO-optimized blog
  • Relevant content on product and category pages

2. Pay-per-click (Ppc) Advertising:Pay per click (PPC) advertising uses technologies like Google AdWords and Bing Ads to pay for placements on search engines.
A successful PPC strategy comprises bidding on relevant search terms to increase traffic and sales. An excellent strategy to swiftly increase site visitors, these ads appear above and below the organic search results.

3. Email Marketing:
Email Marketing is one of the best ways to engage new and existing customers.
A welcome email or an abandoned cart email can remind customers of their purchases.
Beyond automated emails, newsletters can inform readers of upcoming sales and offer incentives.

4. Affiliate Marketing:
Advertising on other websites via an affiliate network.
Affiliates promote your products using text links and banners, and eCommerce retailers pay them a commission.
An eCommerce advertiser can choose their commission rates and is guaranteed a return on investment.

5. Social Media Marketing:
Social media marketing also allows you to target people based on their interests.
Create a unique picture or video ad and pay to promote it to a similar demographic and shopping audience. Use both organic and paid social media to increase your online business influence. It’s a great way to boost brand recognition and personality.

6. Display Advertisements: 
The Google Display Network allows eCommerce operators to quickly generate banner adverts and offer them to web users.
That’s over 2 million websites and 90% of Internet users. The GDN is a terrific approach to reaching consumers with personalized banner advertisements based on their interests and online activities.

7. Retargeting:
Web visitors who have visited your website or used your products are retargeted with text, banners, and social adverts.
A pixel placed on customers’ browsers by Google or Facebook might remind them of your brand while they explore the web.
Because you know the users have already connected with your website, these adverts are perfect for targeted digital marketing.

8. Using Influencers:
Online shoppers heavily rely on the opinions of others to help them make purchases.
For advice on what to buy, they rely on online reviews and peer and influencer recommendations.
To advertise yourself, you can join an influencer marketing network.

Wrapping Up:
Marketing tactics have made promoting goods and services easier. They also limit the strategy to the target audience to ensure commercial progress.
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