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I/O 2022 Recap: Everything you need to know about SEOs | Latest Update on Google Search and Google Maps Features.

To get the benefits of these updates, you must rely on SEO agencies who have knowledge of how the algorithm works. You can find the Best SEO Agency in Thane to help your business grow most effectively and you can access numerous benefits to deal with business or website growth. Here’s a short overview of the updates related to the Google search.

Updated Features Of Google Search And Google Maps

  • Multisearch Near me:

Recently Google rolled out the war feature to the Google search application on your mobile, called multi-search. This multi-search near me feature will allow you to search with the help of images and text simultaneously with the help of Google lenses only. This feature or update can be effectively used for different purposes or businesses. The company announced that a new capability for multi searches near me would make it more effective and easier to search for local information.

As per the explanation of Google, it was said that searching for the dish or an object with the help of Google Lens will allow you to add ‘near me’ in the search bar to get the local results.

  • Google Maps

G Maps now allows users to view and estimate the toll prices while mapping their route for the first time. This will help to make it easier to select between the toll roads or the toll-free paths that mainly depend on several factors like toll passes or another form of payment, the date, and time based on the route configuration.

If we talk about Google, the estimate will span more than 2000 roads across the Us and Japan and support more countries rolling out soon.

According to the recent information, it was found that Google has also added new functionality to the google maps application. With advanced 3D mapping and machine learning systems, Google is now fusing millions of images to make an immersive view. Google also calls this new experience in Google Maps and says it will allow people to explore places before. At the top of the page, you will find which will look more like a video game rather than a prosperous quality mapping service.

  • The Page Experience Update

One of the most long-awaited page experience updates was launched, and Google announced its completion soon. This update is essential and valuable for the SEO professional and businesses of all stripes who have anxiously awaited this one for a long time back. With this latest update of the page experience, the score marketers can easily view a new report in the Google search console. This update was specially designed to enhance the experience searches have on every website.

  • Google’s Link Spam Update

According to the recent report per Google announcement, it was found that Google warned the marketers that its linkspan update would have measurable results for those affected. This update was designed to enhance the quality of the search results. The best thing about this update is that it ensures the best practice for inbound and outgoing links and allows for the creation of high-quality content. This update focus on the improvement of the user experience.

The Final Talk

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