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SEO types that can escalate your website traffic

When you implement digital marketing with traditional marketing, your business gains momentum. 

When operating a  business, you need to cover all aspects of it. From developing a product or service to marketing your products for better reach. The ultimate goal of business is to gain profit and expand it on a larger basis. Along with traditional marketing, a business needs its presence on digital platforms too. Digital marketing can lead you to more leads and eventually more business sales. It also contributes to promoting your brand. 

For your brand’s online presence- Your business website is the foundation. Through the website, you can optimize your business digitally. Your brand will become popular through an SEO-optimized website. To achieve popularity,  you need to know how to design a website. But if you don’t know then you can always opt for a Website design company. Bricks Media is an excellent website design company in Thane, Mumbai. We have excellent website designers who will make your website digitally optimized, advanced, and eye-pleasing.

Firstly we will see and get to know four types of SEO

Types of SEO 

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO
  3. Local SEO
  4. Technical SEO 

Before exploring deeper into this topic, we’ll give you basic information about these types. 

On-page SEO generally consists of metadata, meta titles, meta descriptions, website images, google keywords, headers, content, and graphics that are on the websites.

In Off-page SEO, there are mostly off-page activities like guest blogging, article submissions, and competitive research with constant website analysis.

Local Seo is generally location and geographical areas related to where your website will be visible in your locality or the places near you. 

Technical SEO covers all the technical points so that your website wouldn’t have lagging time, bugs, and crawling errors with a content audit. 

Remember that you need to use these types simultaneously to increase SEO rankings with higher traffic. 

On-page SEO 

For On-page SEO, research is the key factor. Without research, it would not be executed well or may end up as a failure. 

In On-Page Seo, there are subpoints to look for like SEO keyword research. Keywords are the words that are included in the content of websites, blogs, and articles.


Keywords are necessary as without them SEO would be a trial-and-error strategy. SEO keywords help us to know our potential customers and what they exactly want. Keywords make content optimized and eventually help websites crawl faster.


A clear Call To Action button at the end is what your website needed the most. This button sums up all your website’s motto. It increases your product’s selling point. 

Internal Links

Internal links are URLs that lead to one or more other pages on your website. What a URL does is suggest to the visitor that other pages on the same site provide more established detail on that topic. Bricks media is the best SEO company in Mumbai

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO includes what you do outside the website. There are Guest Blogging, Article Submissions, Internet ads running, and Competitive Analysis.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is something where you publish your blogs on other websites (those that are not your competitors or big platforms where you can share your content about products or services) 

Article Submissions

Another off-page activity you can do is article submissions on other social media or writing platforms. 

Internet Ads

Internet ads are the major source to gain leads, spreading brand awareness, and more engagement. 

Competition Analysis

Competition Analysis is continuously needed for checking your competitors’ backlinks and how they strategize their next campaign. 

Local SEO 

Everything is done but people around your area don’t know what you are doing! We usually search for services that are near to our locality. It could be anything like hospitals, restaurants, dinners, or gyms. The ‘Near Me’ factor is always included. 

That is why Local SEO is important. Local SEO is more likely where you showcase your locality, address, and contact details on google. ‘Google My Business’ shows how your website is optimized in local areas. 

Since Google only suggests services based on proximity, ratings, hours of operation, services offered, etc., there are specific guidelines and rules to guide profile optimization. 

National SEO

It is just similar to local SEO but it is on a national level. National SEO helps you to grow your business where you can expand your reach, and business and promote more products. 

Technically, for doing National SEO use broad keyword terms rather than specific geographical terms. If you are providing services about SEO services then an SEO agency in Mumbai could be your broad keyword. 

Technical SEO 

The technical appearance of search engine optimization can change the SEO game for your website. Technical aspects such as how the website works, its strengths, and weaknesses. 

Site Loading Time

Everything is seamless but the site is taking time load what will happen? A straight answer- a visitor will lose patience and open another site. The attention span of a prospect is only 8 seconds so if your site is taking longer than 8 seconds then this lag might harm your SEO process. 

Mobile Friendly Website

We use smartphones for everything. If the UI of your website is smartphone friendly then there is a higher possibility of visitors might stick to your website to read articles or blogs. 

 Error Free Website

Your website’s backend code should be error-free because a small error in the code could make the SEO process slower than usual. There could be other issues with the page, such as missing H1 and H2 tags or duplicate metadata.  

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